New Study Shows Thousands Of Vapers Are Healthier Than Before

Throughout the first half of 2016, 7,124 Malay people contributed to an online study relating to electronic cigarette use and motives. The study came to the conclusion that existing vapers are “almost uniquely former smokers” that use vaping as a method to quit or reduce their smoking, according to VapingPost.


The responses largely agreed that their health has bettered since switching completely or partially to vaping. For example:

  • 9 percent reported better sleep
  • 4 percent reported increased exercise ability
  • 88 percent reported improvement in sense of taste
  • 5 percent reported improved sense of smell
  • 4 percent reported better breathing ability


These findings are inconsistent with the Malaysian government’s claim that e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking for non-smokers. These assertions have weakened the vaping market as they receive pressure from the spread of deceptive information. But in reality, vaping, eCig, and vape shops are not the parties to blame since numerous smokers switch to vaping as a way to quit and live healthier than before.


Dr. Farsalinos, who conducted the study, foresees that about 80 percent of current vapers would “likely or very likely” relapse back to smoking traditional cigarettes. He has spoken out about the spread of misinformation in Malaysia and with new information from this study, he can accurately defend the case for e-cigarettes and vapors. Contrastingly, Dr. Dalilah of the National Cancer Society of Malaysia has publicly stated “vapourised nicotine is similar to nitric acid which may trigger cancer,” which has been discredited by far more than Dr. Farsalinos.


As the vaping market comes under attack, be aware of the spread of false information. Refer back to the facts and if you’re still at a loss, speak with someone at your local vaping shop for further knowledge on the health benefits of switching to vape.