The FDA Begins “Two-Year Countdown” On Vapor Products

Vapor GalleriaAugust 8, 2016 marked a historic day for vapers and vape shops everywhere as the FDA cracked down on the selling of new and old vaping products. Under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act the FDA (US Food and Drug Association) will consider all vaping products to be “tobacco products.”


So what does this mean for vaping and vape shops?


The ruling is being described by George Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, as a “two-year countdown to FDA prohibition of 99.9% of vapor products on the market.” That seems to be pretty extreme, but he sticks to his claim that if the ruling is not overturned, the vaping industry will be almost nonexistent after two years.


To understand this claim, let’s analyze what exactly is covered under the ruling and how that will affect vaping shops everywhere:


Virtually Everything Is A Tobacco Product


This means that vaping products are now subject to regulation by the agency, including nicotine-free and synthetic nicotine products. This puts a limit on what products can and cannot be sold. Thus vape shops might not be able to sell your favorite product to you.


Additionally, if the product wasn’t commercially marketed on August 8 it cannot be introduced into the market. Modifications to existing products can neither occur.


Changes For Vape Shop Owners/Employees


There are multiple new storeowner regulations regarding age verification, free samples, labeling, and even helping customers with setup. You’ll want to inform yourself of all the current regulations in effect as there will be surely more to come. The next big date is December 31, 2016 when manufacturers (including importers) must register their establishment(s) and individual products in order to continue selling in the US.


You can visit the American Vaping Association’s website for further information on the FDA ruling and how you will be affected.





New Study Shows Thousands of Vapers Are Healthier Than Before

vapor galleria ecigsThroughout the first half of 2016, 7,124 Malay people contributed to an online study relating to electronic cigarette use and motives. The study came to the conclusion that existing vapers are “almost uniquely former smokers” that use vaping as a method to quit or reduce their smoking, according to VapingPost.


The responses largely agreed that their health has bettered since switching completely or partially to vaping. For example:

  • 9 percent reported better sleep
  • 4 percent reported increased exercise ability
  • 88 percent reported improvement in sense of taste
  • 5 percent reported improved sense of smell
  • 4 percent reported better breathing ability


These findings are inconsistent with the Malaysian government’s claim that e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking for non-smokers. These assertions have weakened the vaping market as they receive pressure from the spread of deceptive information. But in reality, vaping, eCig, and vape shops are not the parties to blame since numerous smokers switch to vaping as a way to quit and live healthier than before.


Dr. Farsalinos, who conducted the study, foresees that about 80 percent of current vapers would “likely or very likely” relapse back to smoking traditional cigarettes. He has spoken out about the spread of misinformation in Malaysia and with new information from this study, he can accurately defend the case for e-cigarettes and vapors. Contrastingly, Dr. Dalilah of the National Cancer Society of Malaysia has publicly stated “vapourised nicotine is similar to nitric acid which may trigger cancer,” which has been discredited by far more than Dr. Farsalinos.


As the vaping market comes under attack, be aware of the spread of false information. Refer back to the facts and if you’re still at a loss, speak with someone at your local vaping shop for further knowledge on the health benefits of switching to vape.


Tobacco Companies Investing More into Vaping

Dallas Vapor StoreRecently one of the largest tobacco companies in the United States began laying off workers to try to save money, approximately $300 million. The reason behind the massive layoffs, according to Matt Novak’s article on Gizmodo, is the vaping industry. As the article states Altria Group is laying off workers to save the money to invest in electronic cigarettes.


Altria Group was formerly known as the Philip Morris Co. A company well-known for its Marlboro brand of cigarettes. Currently they hold over half the market in traditional cigarettes. With the decline in traditional smoking and the lean towards electronic cigarettes the company is taking a proactive steps and switching gears.


Problems in the tobacco industry began when campaigns regarding the health risks of tobacco, nicotine and other chemicals found in traditional cigarettes became the norm. This led to new regulations limiting public smoking areas. Smokers could no longer light-up in traditional spots like bars, concerts, and restaurants. This coupled with the increased cost per pack due to massive taxation, pushed smokers to find alternative ways to get their smoking fix. Others were forced to find ways to quit. For the vaping industry this was the incentive they needed for major growth. Vaping became the less expensive, healthier alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco companies were hurting.


According to the article, when smokers turned to other means and tobacco companies began losing profits they turned to other sources. The most popular was to expand their business into developing countries such as Asia. The laws pertaining to cigarettes were more lenient, especially regarding smoking in public and advertising. As the vaping industry grew tobacco companies began to see this as another viable option for making money. The vaping industry was putting the tobacco industry out of business. Tobacco companies decided buying out their competitors, and becoming the best in the business was the route to take.


The tobacco industry is winning again. This time in the vaping industry. With new stricter rules and regulations pertaining to the vaping industry, smaller companies are finding it difficult to stay in the market. The newest FDA deeming regulations has the vaping industry in a tight neck hold. To stay in the game companies have to submit Pre-Market Product applications for every product not manufactured before February 15, 2007. Also many states are now putting taxes on vaping products and e-cigarettes. The only companies that can afford any of this are the large companies, and the big conglomerate tobacco companies.


Once again the tobacco industry appears to be in place to win at the smoking game. Either way they seem to have the upper hand. If they can survive the new regulations and taxes on vaping products, where smaller companies can’t, they will have the revenue there. If the vaping industry falls apart due to these new regulations and taxes, many experts believe smokers will return to traditional tobacco products. For tobacco companies it appears to be a win-win situation. For the health of smokers it’s going to be a tough call. There are still plenty of Dallas Vape Stores that carry all of the safest e-cig equipment on market to date. The safety of the consumer is always most important.



  1. “Makers of Marlboro Laying Off Workers to Invest in More Vaping”

20 June 2016

Vaping eLiquid Vs Smoking Cigarettes – Cost Comparison

Using tobacco Is costly!

In case you have ever been a tobacco consumer, you have realized what it might cost you. At today’s price ranges, a generic pack of cigarettes can run you as much as $5.00 for each pack, or possibly more. When you just smoke a little, this may not trouble you. But, for those who smoke one particular pack per day or as much as two packs a day, this will come to be an exceptionally high-priced and unhealthy practice. Vaping would be the new option to tobacco use and will prevent 100’s of dollars of additional cost annually.

1 pack every day at $5.00 for every pack adds approximately $150 of cost every month. When baby boomers began cigarette smoking in the 60s, a single pack of cigarettes could have costed as low as twenty cents per pack. Not a sizable amount of money for what was regarded as a ‘sophisticated’ habit. These days, a person who is spending lower than $10 a few of days a week for cigarettes believes the increased start-up fees of vaping are prohibitive  to start vaping. A quality kit can value about $50 or maybe more. Include the ejuice cost and it stops plenty of individuals from beginning a very fulfilling and practical experience.

Tobacco Use

We have spent some time comparing the price of using tobacco compared to the expense of vaping, and here’s what we have discovered. Have in mind that based on where you live, a pack of cigarettes can cost as little as $4.50 for every pack or as much as $12+ for each pack. Ouch! The price of cigarette smoking for 12 months based on a half pack each day can be around $4.50 to $12.85 every couple of day per week. Depending on a 30-day month, that equals $67.50 to $192.75 per month. After a calendar year, it might price tag any where from $821.00 to $2345.12. This does not take into account the recognized well being hazards and health care expenses.

Vaping eJuice

The cost of vaping for 1 year determined by using a 2.5 ml of e-liquid daily is equal to one-half pack of cigarettes daily. So, vaping thirty ml = $6.49 to $22.00 for twelve days. Based on a 30-day thirty day period, this equals $16.22 to $55.00 per month. A vaping starter kit with accessories will cost roughly $72.00 (on average). After one year period, the vaper will devote anywhere from $267.00 to $732.00 per year. These quantities are approximate and therefore are rounded up.

Summarizing Our Comparison

Comparing the cheapest cigarette costs and the larger vaping costs, you are going to continue to save $90.00 a if you choose to vape. If you select reduced cost vaping, you can save up to $554.00 a year. Based on this information you could save from $90.00 up to $2078.00. This really is dependent on the existing expense of cigarettes you will be currently have plus the vaping supplies you buy. In addition it is dependent on the amount you ‘smoke’ each day.

Stop by your neighborhood vape store outlet and speak to an associate and find out how you can vape and spend less as well as enhance your health and fitness.